best rain cover for chicco bravo stroller
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Best Rain Cover for Chicco Bravo Stroller [2021]

best rain cover for chicco bravo stroller

Looking for the best rain cover for chicco bravo stroller? Then we have you covered  because for parents who enjoy spending time outside with their little ones, getting a rain guard to protect your baby from strong winds, dust and rain is a must have. 

And it does not have to be hard looking for the one that will fit your chicco bravo because we have done all the frantic searching for you and written this review to make your work much easier.

The most important feature to consider when shopping is the fitting of the rain cover, the material used and ventilation for your baby to get fresh air in.

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Review of Best Rain Cover for Chicco Bravo Stroller 

Bemece Stroller Rain Cover Universal


For those looking for an all round protection from bugs to elements of weather like rain, snow and dust then this Universal Bemece Stroller rain cover with a stroller mosquito net is what you should get for your chicco bravo stroller

It is made from a non toxic thin film material that is safe for babies. Importantly, it has a large transparent window with a zipper which you can open and close to easily lift your baby in or out.

The zipper is waterproof to prevent any sipping in of water. For breathability, there are mesh ventilation holes on either side to provide enough fresh air to keep the baby comfortable.

Best of all the rain cover has velcro straps on the front to keep the stroller strapped and secure not to get blown away by wind or rain. We highly recommend this rain guard. You will absolutely love it: It’s fitting, safe for babies and comes at a truly inexpensive price.

Hrzeem Rain Cover with Eye Screen


The Hrzeem rain cover comes with a special eye screen with high transparency that does not bend or easily scratch. You just need to remove the blue thin film cover and it’s good to use. It eliminates the baby’s dizziness and distortion from outside while giving you clear visibility of how they are doing inside. 

It also has velcro to keep it securely on the stroller and venting holes on either side which you can open up or roll up to let air in or prevent cold air from getting in which is perfect especially when it’s raining.

And there is more, it comes with a carry bag which you can quickly fold it into for storage. More importantly, it fits the chicco bravo strollers super perfectly and does what it is supposed to do.

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Wonder Buggy  Universal Stroller Weather Shield


Unlike all the two stroller rain covers above the Wonder Buggy Universal weather shield is equipped with large clear windows on either three sides which are 99% UV protective and are refraction free to protect the baby’s vision.

The remaining parts of the rain cover are made of a waterproof and windproof  fabric which comes in several colors for your choosing: blue, black, pink and red. And a big dual zipper entry door to take your baby in and out with ease.

For a secure fit the rain cover has s-hooks at the bottom to prevent any accidental removal. We highly recommend this rain cover, as it will not only fit a chicco bravo stroller perfectly but has simple and easy installation and provides excellent protection from all kinds of weather conditions.

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The best rain cover for chicco bravo stroller should be big enough to fit your stroller on the front side. Most importantly it should have ventilation to let in air for baby to be comfortable and lastly should be made from a material which is safe for babies.

We highly recommend the Bemece Stroller Rain cover for chicco bravo strollers. It provides clear visibility and contains velcro holes for breathability and velcro straps to keep it securely fit on your stroller.

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