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Do You Need a Pack n Play? Is it Necessary?

When you are doing your baby registry,  deciding whether you absolutely need to list a pack n play can be such a mental hassle. This is because you do not want to buy baby items which you will not actually use once your baby is born.

So do you need a pack n play? Is it really necessary? Well whether or not you need a pack n play for your baby will depend on individual needs. A pack n play is a versatile baby item which can be used as a baby crib, as a travel crib, play area, for afternoon naps from birth up to 2 years of age.

So, if you are considering purchasing a pack n play then this article will help you make a sound decision for your individual needs. Read on to learn what you should consider before getting one.

Is a pack n play really necessary?  

A pack n play as a versatile baby item can be used as follows:

Pack n Play as a baby crib

Buying a baby crib can set you back a few hundred dollars and it could be a little pricey for some parents. In such a case, getting a budget pack n play to use as a sleeping area for your little one is a much cheaper option.

You only need to purchase a better mattress than the mattress pad which comes along with it and a proper fitting pack n play sheets  so that baby can have a safe place to lay your little new one.

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A portable baby crib

A pack n play is a very portable baby item because it is lightweight ,easy to assemble, does not take much space when folded and it is easy to maintain.

It therefore can be used as a portable baby crib when you are not at home so that you can provide a safe and comfortable baby sleep area which they are familiar with. Especially because some babies become very fussy when you travel or change their sleeping environment.

Consider getting one if you will be doing the following especially in the first 2 years of baby life.

  • For grandparents home – it is the perfect baby sleep area to have at grandparents home.
  • For travel or vacations – a pack n play will come in handy when you take trips out of town , it is better compared to the crib beds set up at hotels.
  • As a napper babies take 2-3 hour naps in between feeds and a pack n play is a good place to lay your baby as you lounge in the living room rather than jotting to the bedroom every time.
  • For camping– for those parents who love camping out in the woods. A pack n play is the perfect small , portable and safe baby sleeping area.

As a play area

A pack n play is a safe place for your baby to play as you conduct your household chores. It is one of those areas you can keep your baby off the floor. Just give them their toys and they get very busy.

This can give you some solid 20- 30 minutes for you to also take a much needed breather or time to do some much needed work.

As a changing pad

A pack n play will be perfect to use as a changing table because some are designed with two levels a top and lower compartment.

So rather than buy a changing table, you get a pack n play which can act as both a sleep area, play area and changing area. You do not have to bed over to change your baby diapers- win win for mama!

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As a spare sleep bed for visitors kids

If you are big on visitors or have friends with little ones. Getting a pack n play will come in handy when your friends children sleep over or need to take a nap. Seriously, they will only feel like home away from home.

Is a pack n play for you?

Now that we have covered ways which you can use a pack n play for your baby. It is much easier to decide whether it is absolutely necessary for your home. 

In my books, a pack n play is necessary especially because it is such a versatile item. It is one of those nice to have options which you can pass down if you plan on having more kids.

Babies will definitely need to play- what a safe place for them to have some much needed alone exploring time with shakers and blocks or bonding time with their sibling.

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Is a pack n play worth it?

Well, a pack n play is less than $100 and for the number of activities you can use, it is way more worth than the price and it provides so much value for your money. I did not have a single regret purchasing a pack n play for my son and i have used it more times than i can count.

How long can you use a pack n play?

You can use a pack n play for your baby up till they are about 2 -2.5 years of age. The weight limit is 30lbs and the height 35”.

And if you maintain it well, you can pass it down to your children if you plan to have more than one. It is also a good item to resell on ebay or craigslist.

Are all pack n plays the same size?

Well, not all pack n plays are the same size. However, there is a standard size for pack (L*W * H) 40” by 28” by 29”. The size will vary depending on use of the pack n play and the brand.


When shopping for your baby, you must be careful not to get items that you will never end up using. A pack n play is one of the versatile baby items you can get that you will definitely end up using. It can be used as a napper, a crib and a play area to keep baby off the floor.

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