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Spring Cleaning Favorites!

For most parents, the arrival of spring brings a much needed, long overdue change in not only the seasons, but a shift in parenting. Kids want to play outside without the need for endless winter gear? Sure! Need to get some fresh air without adding layers or cranking up the heat? Throw open those windows moms and dads! However, with spring often comes that inevitable “where did all this junk come from?!” inner dialogue, as you gaze upon the winter’s accumulation of…STUFF. If you’re looking to clean up and organize your space for the warm and sunny months ahead, fear not parents! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite organization products for all of your spring cleaning that will have your space tidied up in no time!

Magnetic Picture Hanging Kit

If you’re like me, your little Picasso probably brings home a LOT of artwork from school and can’t wait to find a prime location to hang his/her little work of art. If your refrigerator can’t possibly accommodate another piece of paper, this magnetic picture hanging kit is the perfect solution that will fit right  into any home’s decor! Each kit comes with lots of magnets that make it easy for your child to hang up their masterpiece wherever they like on the streamlined magnetic cords, and you’ll love the ability to easily swap out whenever the desire strikes!

Closet Maid Kid Space 2 Tier Shelving Unit

OK, I get it…there’s nothing inherently exciting about shelving units, but hear me out on this one! This affordable, durable shelving unit not only has multi-size storage areas to tidy up your kid’s toys, but it’s architectural shelving makes it looks much more expensive than it really is! I originally purchased one and was so impressed that I ordered a second! Now my daughter’s toys have a place off the floor, and her play area still manages to look chic…or as chic as any area can look when covered in unicorns, glitter, and all things princess!

Stuffed Animal Storage Net

If your child is anything like my daughter, stuffed animal dolls are *everything*. This powerful over the door mesh storage net holds a SHOCKINGLY large amount of stuffed animals, and somehow manages to still lay somewhat flat against your door surface! The soft netting allows your child easy access to whatever doll they desire, and ensures your floor stays (somewhat) tidy.

Lusso Travel Tray Organizer for Car Seats

This brilliant tray organizer attaches to your car seat to provide your child with endless opportunities for engagement and entertainment during those long car rides. With a spot for dolls, drinks, snacks, and an iPad, this mighty little product also comes with a built in whiteboard for endless drawing possibilities. It comes in multiple colors/patterns (I have the unicorns, because *obviously*), but it’s sure to please no matter what design you choose!

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