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Pull Ups with Velcro Sides [Review 2021]

For parents looking for pull ups with velcro sides there are available both from named and store brands. These include Huggies Pull Ups, Up and Up by Target, Walmart’s Parents Choice.

They come in different designs, absorbency levels and price. If you are looking to save on costs try using grocery store brands as they are cheaper but they don’t hold up as named brands.

Pull Ups with Velcro Sides

In this article we will discuss one of the most popular and trusted brand that is Huggies because it’s the best pull ups with velcro sides. They have 4 different designs, additional features like coloring mats inside for your choosing depending on your preference and whether it’s for night time or daytime.

As we have stated pull ups with velcro sides make it possible for adjusting the waist size plus for doing quick checks and changes at home or on the move. In addition, the resealable sides are preferred by teachers in daycare and preschool for kids not fully potty trained.

Huggies Pull Ups with Velcro Sides

It’s no surprise why Huggies is a popular brand. This is mainly because of their commitment  to making pull ups specific to boys and girls that will not only make potty training fun but interesting too. Let’s dig into the different designs for your choosing.

For kids with sensitive skin, these New Leaf pull ups which are made from plant based materials that are cottony will be best suited. They are extremely soft on the sides and made with breathable material to allow proper air circulation to prevent a rash.

For toddlers with small waists they fit well according to the sizes listed without issues. They are available for girls with Frozen II characters and similar patterns for the boys too on front and back sides which fade away when wet to help her learn. And also include a coloring mat which will be fun for the kid too.

For night time potty training you will need a more absorbent pull up because pull ups are less absorbent than diapers. This is to make them wet quicker and enable your child to recognize the wetness fast.

However, if your kid is not fully potty trained for the night, you do not want them waking up to a pool every morning in case of an accident. The pull ups night time work great, they hold everything in and last an entire night. They have the much needed extra absorbency to soak in as much liquid as possible especially for heavy wetter’s.

You can get the boy designs with Disney characters that fade when it’s wet. They also have super stretchy sides for easy pulling up and down and refastenable sides. For girls, pull ups night time with Toy Story characters.

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The cool and learn design uses the unique design of creating a cool and learn sensation that feels like underwear to notify them when to go to the potty. It is made of polypropylene material which makes it a little stiff and may not be best for toddlers with sensitive skin.

For most they noted the cooling sensation did not work for the most part. In addition, the material seemed a little rough for most too. You can get the small pack just for a try and see if it works for your kid. It is just a cool way to learn potty training.

These Pull Ups learning designs have fun Disney design characters on them that will fade when wet. They provide all day and night protection and have refastenable sides for quick changes.

They also have super stretchy sides making them move up and down easily. And are available in both girl and boy designs for sparking conversation depending on the preference of cartoon characters.

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Parents Choice Training Pants with Easy Open Sides

If you are not looking to push your budget over the edge, Target’s have the Parent’s choice brand of pull ups which have easy open sides. They have carton design patterns on them such as Paw Patrol and made from breathable material to keep your kid dry.

You can purchase them online from their website or on Amazon or their local stores.

FAQS Pull ups with Velcro Sides

  • Do Huggies Pull Ups have velcro sides?

Yes, Huggies pull ups do have velcro sides which make it easy for quick potty training checks and changes. They are also available in different designs and absorbency for daytime and night time.

  • Do Pampers Easy Ups have velcro sides?

No, pampers easy ups do not have velcro sides but have rip open sides. However, Huggies do have pull ups with velcro sides which you can check price here.

  • Do pull ups open on the sides?

Pull ups do open on the sides, some can be ripped open like the one by Pampers while others like Huggies pull ups with velcro can be opened and refastened.

  • Which pull ups have velcro?

Pull ups which have velcro sides include Huggies Pull Ups, Parent’s choice, Up and Up by Target and Walmart brand of pull ups. They come in different designs and price points. Of all the 4, Huggies provides the most variety and are available for both day and night time.

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If you are looking for pull ups with velcro sides you can choose from the 4 different designs and features to make potty training fun by Huggies pull ups. There are available for day and night time use. There is also the night time pull up which has added absorbency to prevent leaks. Alternatively you can go for store brands such as Up and Up or Parents Choice which are relatively cheaper.

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