baby boy peeing out back of diaper
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Baby Boy Peeing Out Back of Diaper

baby boy peeing out back of diaper

Baby boy peeing out back of diaper? Do not get alarmed dear mama, because that is one shock mamas to dear sons have to deal with at some point when they are little. You wonder what kind of magic is this especially when you find that the diaper is dry but the back of their clothes are wet.

The most important thing to figure out first is you should always make sure their weiner is aimed downwards. Or, more importantly, it isn’t at the end of the diaper. Otherwise if it’s aimed up, when they pee it goes on the sides and ends up leaking through the back. 

Once you learn to aim him right you can be sure the rest of the reasons can be handled.There are several factors that could have led to that such as the diaper not fitting well, that is, whether it’s too big or too small, you left the ruffles in instead of out.

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Why Is Baby Boy Peeing Out Back of Diaper?

As we have stated above some of the common reasons why a baby boy pees out of diaper include

  • The baby’s weiner was facing up when he peed. Or you closed it up right on the ruffles which explains why the leaks go back of the diaper because babies lay mostly on their back.
  • If you forgot the side ruffles on the inside instead of the outside then diaper. Which means when the diaper gets filled up it will leak through the sides and back too. Just like how one gets a period leak on their butt when they leak at night.
  • The diaper could also be too small. That is your baby has outgrown their current size. Which means the diaper fills up quickly and leaks on the sides.
  • Diaper could also be too big for your little one. In that case make sure that when closing him up, the flaps go over each other on the waist to avoid any possible leaks and get a smaller size next buy.
  • Your little one could be a heavy wetter. Which is for some babies and the normal diapers cannot contain all the pee. But that can be solved by an overnight diaper or getting sposie pads to add the absorbency.

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How to Prevent Baby Boy Peeing Out Back of Diaper

These are some of the things you can do to solve this issue of leaks out back of diaper.

  • Make sure the wiener is pointing down. This can be done while you’re closing up around the waist.Use the diaper to put it down and then close him tight enough for the diaper to hold it down. 
  • Get the right fitting diaper size. Make sure the diaper size is snug fitting around the waist and thighs. Once you see red marks on the waist or thighs it means you need to size up.
  • Keep the ruffles out and not inside. This will make sure the double leak guards on the ends get to work. Otherwise in case the diaper fills up it will burst on the seams by leaking.
  • Consider getting overnight diapers such as Huggies overnites for heavy wetters. They have  4 times the absorbency of regular diapers and can handle more liquid.
  • Make sure you do a diaper change before you put your little one to sleep. This way they start their night on a clean slate diaper for the night time.
  • Consider sposie pads. These will help in boosting up the absorbency of your current stash by placing it where it is needed the most.
  • Always lift the back flap higher and then close the tab downwards around the waist. This ensures the back is covered well without gaps for leaks.

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If you discover your baby boy peeing out back of diaper do not get alarmed. One of the most common causes is that his weiner was pointing upwards and that is why. Which means the pee went on the sides of the diaper and leaked out back.

To solve this issue just make sure his weiner is facing downwards and you give him a snug fitting around the waist to keep it down. Other things to check are also the diaper size is right and that the ruffles are always pointing outwards and not inwards.

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