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5 Best Pull Ups for Sensitive Skin [Reviews 2021]

If you just began potty training and the current pull ups you are using have led to a hive-like rash breakout around your little ones bum area. You will need to get the best pull ups for sensitive skin for your little one.

And it does not have to be hard searching for the brand that will work best for you. Most importantly look out for hypoallergenic approval tests and the quality of the material used to make it.

In most cases, such pull ups can be expensive however we have rounded up budget friendly hypoallergenic pull ups that are super absorbent with a comfortable fit that will make potty training a breeze.

Check Out Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Natural Blossom Pull Up Underwear
  2. Honest Training Pants
  3. Seventh Generation Training Pants

Comparison Table of the Best Pull Ups for Sensitive Skin

Natural Blossom Pull UpsFree from volatile compounds, Certified by Allergy UK
Eco By NatyMade from plant based materials, Breathable
Honest Training PantsMade from wood pulp, cute designs
Seventh Generation Training PantsFree from chlorine, no fragrances, eco friendly
Bambo by Nature Soft cotton like material, compostable , budget friendly

Review of Best Pull Ups for Sensitive Skin

Natural Blossom Pull Up Underwear


The Natural Blossom brand is not one of the named brands in the market, but they have outdone themselves in developing pull ups that have passed globalized safety standards. They are certified by Allergy UK and do not contain volatile organic compounds.

They are made from super absorbent polymer sheets that reduce contact with your baby’s skin and are also silky soft to the skin. On top of that, they have super impressive absorbency that is able to soak up to 500ml/17oz of liquid at their half thickness.

As for comfort they have rounded velcro cuffs around the legs to prevent scratching and digging into your baby’s skin. With a flexible waist band for easy putting on and off. Best of all, they feature beautiful designs and are not bulky.

For mamas on the verge of giving up looking for pull ups that will end the discomfort for your baby, we highly recommend getting the Natural Blossom Pull ups.


  • Hypoallergenic guaranteed as per international standards
  • Comfortable fitting around the legs and waist.
  • Super absorbent for night time use.
  • Thin and not bulky yet absorbent


  • Might need to size up for some

Eco by Naty Pull-Ups Training Pants


For mamas keen to look for pull ups that are safe both for baby’s skin and the environment. Then what you should get are the Eco by Naty Pull ups which are made from plant based materials. 

The mostly plant based materials are non woven which makes them breathable to allow for air circulation and prevent sweating. In addition, they do not contain nasty chemicals that cause breakouts.

We strongly recommend these for an eco friendly pull up for travel or camping. As it fits comfortably, is biodegradable and the plant based materials used are meant to reduce chances of allergy and diaper rash.


  • Mostly plant based materials used
  • Eco friendly
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fitting


  • Not as absorbent

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Honest Training Pants


The Honest brand rose to fame quickly and is loved by most moms for their cute designs and diapers made from sustainable materials. Which is why most moms get Honest training pants for their little ones with sensitive skin.

If you have not used Honest pants before, get the small package and see how it reacts to your baby’s skin. As for the fitting , you might need to get a smaller size than usual. Most moms claim the fitting on the legs is not as great.

These training pants work great for daytime as the absorbency is not as great for heavy wetters. It can work well for daycare or for travel. Consider these if you have not tried any Honest diapers before.


  • Bio based core
  • Made from plant based materials
  • Cute designs


  • Not the best absorbency

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Potty Training Pants


The Seventh Generation training pants are specifically designed for toddlers with sensitive skin. They are made free from chlorine processing and do not contain any lotions plus fragrances.

The core of the pants are also made from wood fluff pulp from sustainably sourced wood. Which makes it also breathable for your toddler. They are also absorbent for night time use.

Consider getting the Seventh Generation pants if you are looking for training pants that are free from chlorine bleaching and eco friendly. They are stretchy, comfortable and not bulky.


  • Designed specially for toddlers with sensitive skin
  • Free from chlorine bleaching
  • Eco friendly


  • Quality issues reported on sizing and absorbency.

Bambo Nature Training Pants Classic for Sensitive Skin


Unlike all the training pants listed above, Bambo nature is more price friendly. If you are on a tight budget and your little one breaks out like crazy try their little pack. They are made from soft cotton like material which will be gentle on their skin.

They are also compostable and are free from all the dangerous chemicals such as chlorine and PVC which are harmful to the skin and the environment.

We recommend these if you want to steer clear of named brands as they might just work well for your little one. They will save your baby from rash breakouts and save your dollars too.


  • Budget friendly.
  • Free from dangerous chemicals
  • Compostable


  • Some still breakout

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No mama wants to see their child suffering through diaper rash and all the scratching that comes with it. That is what getting the best pull ups for sensitive skin is a matter of urgency.

To make your search less of a trial and error we strongly recommend Natural Blossom Pull Ups which will definitely not disappoint. They are tried and tested by not only moms but to international safety standards. 

They are worth every single penny you will spend on it, adding the peace they will give you and your toddler. As much as potty training will not last long, getting hypoallergenic training pants to make it less painful is a must for mamas.


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