best diapers for chunky babies
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Best Diapers for Chunky Babies

It can be a pain looking for the best diapers for chunky babies that are well fitting around the thighs without cutting into their skin and leaving those dreadful marks. More importantly, one that wont be leaking through the night.

But not to worry, there are brands in the market that are known to have a bigger cut around the thighs great for babies with chunky thighs. You can try to go the next size up if they start getting a little tight around the legs and the diaper is starting to get down lower on their booty.

We have also reviewed diapers that won’t squish their thighs. We have included nighttime diapers that are more absorbent and price friendly too. Read on to select one you can use to keep your baby dry and comfortable.

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Review of the Best Diapers for Chunky Babies

If you are looking for diapers that will hug your baby’s curves well both thighs and belly then Huggies little snugglers are what you should consider.This is because they are much softer and have more elasticity around the waist. Your chunky cute baby won’t suffer from tight waistbands.

These work well as daytime diapers if your little one is not a heavy wetter. They fit well, have dependable side tabs and you won’t experience blow outs with little snugglers. They also come in cute designs like winnie the pooh to spark some conversation during diaper changes.

Consider these huggies little snugglers for your chunky baby as they fit better around the waist and legs compared to most brands. Have a flap on the back to contain blow outs and are fairly priced too.

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When you want to kill two birds with one stone: avoid night diaper leaks and find diapers that fit better around the thighs. You settle on Huggies overnites because they will work well for a chubby one.

Their absorbency is great and is soft too. You do not have to go up a size or two in this case to get to hold their pee for longer. Huggies overnites has you covered. Overnight diapers are a good option if you have been noticing leaks in the morning from what you’re using currently.

They are cost effective as you will spend less on laundry. Give your baby a comfortable and dry night sleep. And give you peace of mind that you chose the best for your little one.

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For mamas with babies with sensitive skin or get a rash from the slightest irritation then consider getting a Seventh Generation diaper. They are not bleached or made from chemicals with chlorine. 

More importantly they run blessedly big just enough to avoid them looking too tight on thunder thighs. And also have some extra stretch on the back to give room for some belly without cutting into it.

We highly recommend these for those keen to save the environment by using eco-friendly diapers. Which are not only suitable for sensitive skin but well fitting for chunky thighs.

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We highly the best diapers for chunky babies as Huggies Little snugglers  because they provide a little more stretch around the waist and thighs for chunky babies. They will accommodate your baby’s rolls and belly without cutting into them.

They work well as daytime diapers and are fairly priced. For a good nighttime diaper for a chunky one consider huggies overnites as they are best suited to keep leaks at bay. Best of all they fit chunky babies comfortably.

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