Does Pack n Play Need Sheets?

does pack n play need sheets

If you are planning on getting a pack n play for your baby and are debating whether you will need sheets for it, this article is for you.

So does pack n play need sheets? Simple answer is yes you will need sheets for your pack n play because it comes with a thin mattress pad which is made of a non breathable material and if your baby sleeps on it they wake up sweaty and sticky

What’s more, without a sheet it means if baby makes any mess then the mattress pad takes the hit and yet it does not have a waterproof cover. My recommendation is for you to get sheets or a mattress cover for your pack n play to protect the mattress and make it more comfortable for sleep or play.

Why pack n play sheets are necessary?


A soft organic sheet will be more comfortable to sleep in compared to an open mattress pad for sure. Your baby will enjoy a cozy surface for them to have much deserved quality sleep so that they wake up with energy to play.

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Protect baby’s skin. 

Baby skin is very sensitive to chemicals used to make many baby products such as the mattress pad and it is not good for their skin to be directly exposed to it.

What’s more, it is not breathable and your baby will wake up sticky and sweaty. Consider getting breathable organic sheets for your pack n play.


If you are tempted to use regular sheets for your pack n play DON’T. They will simply not fit properly, instead it will bunch up and crease when bay twist and turns which is by no means safe or comfortable for them.

It does not fit because a pack n play is smaller in size compared to the standard size of cribs in the market today.

Consider getting a sheet specifically made to fits the standard pack n play mattress pad size. Choose to put a blanket or any other sheet which does not fit a pack n play it will bunch up and be

Protect the mattress pad.

 A waterproof sheet or mattress pad cover will protect the mattress pad which comes with a pack n play. You will not worry about the any accidents which could occur while baby plays or sleeps in it if you have a sheet.

It is much cheaper to get new sheets for your pack n play rather than replace the mattress pad.

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Are pack n play sheets the same as crib sheets?

Now we have determined that we definitely need sheets for pack n play to make it comfortable and safe for baby to sleep in. 

Will the standard crib sheets fit pack n play? Unfortunately , crib sheet will by no means fit your pack n play because they are bigger in size and you will need to tuck them in on the corners and risk bunching making it uncomfortable to sleep in.

A crib sheet measures 51” by 27”inches by 5” thick while a pack n play mattress pad measures 25 inches by 37 inches by 1 on the side seam which is the standard size in the market today.

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What size sheet fits a pack n play?

You first need to know the size of the mattress pad or mattress for the brand of pack n play you have before shopping for a sheet that will fit your pack n play. However, the standard mattress pad measure 25.5 inches by 37.5 inches by 1”-5”depending on the brand. 

In such as case, you can get a sheet which is at least 2” added on each side like this American Baby Company Cotton Jersery Knit Fitted Sheets which measures 27 by 39 inches.


A pack n play will definitely be needing a set of sheets to make it comfortable for your baby to sleep and protect the mattress pad. Make sure you know the size of your pack n play so that you get fitting ones.



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