Diaper Pail vs Regular Trash Can

diaper pail vs regular trash can

If you are shopping for your baby nursery and are debating between a diaper pail and a regular trash can, this article will help you make the best decision.

So which is between a diaper pail and a regular trash can? Well, honestly a diaper pail is best suited for diaper disposal because of the odor locking features which help keep the stink inside as compared to a regular trash can which does not have a lid.

And baby diapers will stink- especially when your baby starts eating solids. You do not want your baby nursery or house smelling like poop am sure .Read to get the cool features included in a diaper pail which make it the better option than a regular trash can.

Differences: Diaper pail vs Regular Trash Can

Odor Locking

Diaper pails have double lids with rubber gaskets round to seal odors inside and spring trap doors which close as soon as you drop the diaper. In contrast, regular trash cans do not have sealed lids making it easy for odor to spread out.

Ease of Use

Regular trash cans will require you to lift the lid to drop the diaper inside, whereas some diaper pails are hands free operations with a foot pedal which you step to open the lid and drop your diaper.

Continuous Refill Bags

Trash cans use regular trash bags and as soon as it starts stinking you would want to dispose it even though it is not filled up. On the other hand, a diaper pail comes with a continuous refill bag which you can cut and tie when you want to dispose diapers.

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Most trash cans are made of cheap plastic junk which is porous and absorbs odors whereas diaper pails are made of stainless steel which is durable and non porous.


Diaper pails come in cool designs and colors that blend well with the decor of any baby room compared to a regular trash can which is basic.


 A diaper pail is more expensive as compared to a regular trash can but it is worth every single penny because of the high quality material used and the odor locking features included.

Can you use a trash can as a diaper pail?

You are probably wondering if you can use a regular trash can as a diaper pail. The simple answer is yes, however you will need to empty it more frequently because of the stink factor!

Nonetheless there are some trash cans which can serve well like the SimpleHuman Brushed Stainless Steel Trash Can with Plastic Lid

If you have access to an outdoor trash can, having a trash can for your nursery which you can empty at the end of the day will be convenient for you.

Consider using old grocery trash bags to tie single poop diapers or empty them immediately to avoid stinking your baby room.

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Disposing baby diapers properly is important to keep your nursery smelling fresh and clean. When choosing between a diaper pail vs a regular trash can you must consider the features you are buying into. A diaper pail is more effective in odor control and capacity.


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