can adults use baby shampoo
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Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo?

It is no secret that most adults are tempted to use baby shampoo on their hair. And this is because baby shampoo smells so much better than regular shampoo and is gentle on the scalp.

Now to the big question concerning this fascination with baby shampoo;

Can adults use baby shampoo? Well, an adult can choose to use baby shampoo for their specific hair needs because most baby shampoos are formulated with mild cleansing and foaming agents which are less likely to cause irritation to the scalp, skin and hair.

That is why they are a good option for adults with sensitive skin. Read on to learn more about what baby shampoo is made up of as compared to regular shampoo and whether it will be effective to use on adult hair.

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What is baby shampoo made of ?

Most baby shampoos are made of mild cleansing agents such as sodium trideceth sulphate which are mild in removing dirt and oil build up in hair. 

Some are also formulated to dilute and with a balanced pH 7 close to that of water. This makes them less likely to irritate the eyes and cause those tears we dread when bathing a baby.

The use of mild cleansing agents in baby shampoo is also because baby skin and scalp is still developing and therefore delicate as compared to that of adults.

In addition, babies’ subcutaneous glands take longer intervals as compared to adults that take to produce the natural oils that keep the skin and hair moist.

Therefore, using gentle products in their shampoos prevents drying their scalp and hair. This means an adult can choose to use baby shampoo on their own hair if using regular adult shampoo is irritating on their skin.

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Is baby shampoo better than regular shampoo?

We have learnt that baby shampoo contains mild cleansing agents as compared to the cleansing agents which are used in adult shampoos.

This means that effectiveness of using baby shampoo on adult hair will depend on  individual hair type and scalp. 

Especially because manufacturers add chemicals to make adult shampoos very soft and quick lathering. This is because most people have hard water in their homes that takes longer to lather.

Are baby shampoo good for adults?

It is no secret that most adult shampoos contain sulphates which are very drying and irritating to the skin. And if you find that regular shampoo is not working for your hair, trying baby shampoo is definitely something to consider.

It can be of benefit to hair that is damaged due to chemical bleaching and dyes. It will help in restoring your hair and scalp by locking in moisture and preventing further drying.

Otherwise, it is important to read the ingredient list of your shampoo and check for the presence of products which cause allergic reactions. They can also penetrate the skin and into the bloodstream causing harm. These include:

  • Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Parabens
  • Pathlates

You can choose to use baby shampoos because they are hypoallergenic so that you avoid the harmful products in most shampoos in the market today.

Uses for baby shampoo?

We have determined that baby shampoo can be of benefit to adults with sensitive scalp and damaged hair. It’s gentle and mild characteristics makes it useful for other characteristics such as:

  • As a shaving cream on legs, underarms and face.
  • Use it to clean your makeup brushes to remove water based products.

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More FAQs on Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo

Can you use baby shampoo as body wash?

As much as baby shampoo is made of a mild cleanser to use it as a body wash is understandable. This is because baby shampoo is formulated to serve head hair, scalp and body specifically for babies delicate skin.

Will baby shampoo help my hair grow?

Most baby shampoos are made with mild cleansing products to make them suitable for delicate baby skin. They do not contain ingredients intended for hair growth. 

Can we use baby Johnsons shampoo for adults?

The answer is yes, most of us grew up using Johnson and Johnsons shampoo. And it is totally understandable why you would want to continue using it in adulthood. You will be avoiding the harsh chemicals in regular shampoos which are drying and irritating to the scalp and eyes.



Well, it is now clear that baby shampoo can definitely be used by adults to serve individual hair needs. Baby shampoo is mild and gentle to the scalp and hair.Consider using baby shampoo if your hair gets dry and scalp irritated from using regular shampoo.



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