Best Sippy Cup for Baby Who Refuses Bottle
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Best Sippy Cup for Baby Who Refuses Bottle [2021]

Best Sippy Cup for Baby Who Refuses Bottle

When your little one just won’t take the bottle and you’re about to go back to work it’s tough and we can relate. That is why we have put together this review of the best sippy cup for baby who refuses  bottle to make your search as painless as possible.

It does not have to be hard choosing. The most important features to look out for is the design of the cup. Its spout, handles, material of the spout and the capacity of the sippy cup.

For little ones less than 4 months you could try sippy cups with both nipple spout and a soft flatter spout that you can interchange. On the other hand, for weaned babies training sippy cups are more suitable.

Check Out Our Top 3 Picks

  1. MAM Starter Sippy Cup with Extra Soft Spout
  2. Nuk Learner Cup
  3. Nuby No Spill 360 Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

Comparison Table of Best Sippy Cup for Baby Who Refuses Bottle

MAMSpill proof, Cover lid, Comfortable handles, Soft silicone spout
NukSpill proof, Large capacity, Easy to handle
Tommee Tippee Bite resistant silicone spout, Leak proof lid, Easy to handle
Dr BrownSturdy silicone handle, Wide neck bottle, Soft silicone spout
Nuby Pressure sensitive spout, 360 weighted straw

Best Sippy Cup for Baby Who Refuses Bottle Review

MAM Starter Sippy Cup with Extra Soft Spout

The MAM beginner cup is a great option for babies who are ready for sippy cups but refuses bottles. It has an extra soft spout that has a slit opening that can let through even smoothie or thickened formula.

Best of all it is a spill proof cup with easy to grasp handles that are no slip and super easy for your baby to hold. The bottle is 5oz which is perfect for beginners as it’s easier for them to learn using it while they sit up as most babies are used to drinking while they lay down.

This sippy cup is available in blue for boys and pink for girls. And comes with a cap to protect spout from dirt and germs. Highly consider this MAM starter sippy cup if your baby is 4 months +


  • Extra soft spout
  • Spill proof
  • Easy to hold handle


  • None we could find

Nuk Learner Cup-Best Sippy Cup for Baby Who won’t take Bottle


For the older kid about 6 months + who is struggling taking the bottle this learner sippy cup by Nuk will be perfect. It is of a larger capacity 10oz good size for bed time milk. With handles that are removable as the baby grows.

It has a free flow spout which makes it super easy for babies to sip on liquids. And it’s made of soft silicone making it gentle on their gums too. Best of all its spill proof with an air vent which helps reduce air swallowed to avoid gas problems.

We highly recommend the Nuk learner cup if you are looking for a larger capacity sippy cup that is spill proof and can grow with your baby.


  • Large capacity 10oz
  • Easy to hold removable handle
  • Soft silicone spout
  • Spill proof


  • Difficult to handle for ages 6 months and below

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Tommee Tippee Natural Transitional Sippy Cup


If your baby has refused the bottle and instead keeps on biting on the nipples. The sippy cup you should get is the Tommee Tippee transition cup which has a bite resistant silicone spout.

It has a 10oz capacity with grip handles that are comfortable for little hands. They are also removable and the curved mid design makes holding the bottle easy. Lastly, it has a leak proof lid cover to enable you to move around with it in a bag.

You should go for the Tommee Tippee sippy cup for its bite resistant spout which is also free flow. And also the capacity is just right for months+ and the lid is also leak proof.


  • Bite resistant silicone spout
  • Leak proof lid
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to handle 


  • May leak

Dr Brown Wide Neck Sippy Cup with Silicone Handle


Dr Brown is an industry leader in baby products and their wide neck sippy cup with silicone handle is no exception. Which makes its super easy to hold and best of all it’s removable and can fit wide bottles and sippy cups.

If you had previously bought Dr Brown bottles all you need to do is remove the vents and buy the silicone handle plus spout and your all set. They are dishwasher safe -top rack only and the wide neck also makes it easy to clean by hand.

Nonetheless, this Dr Brown sippy cup is budget friendly and the handle makes it multipurpose for your child feeding needs. We highly recommend this bottle for mamas who want a sturdy sippy cup for their little one.


  • Sturdy silicone handle
  • Soft silicone spout
  • Wide neck easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Budget friendly


  • It’s simply a great product

Nuby No Spill 360 Weighted Straw Grip and Sip Cup


Unlike all the sippy cups mentioned above, the Nuby No Spill cup is a 360 weighted straw sippy cup and with a soft silicone spout. Which means your baby can drink from the cup from any position as the straw follows the liquid.

Best of all, the spout has a pressure sensitive feature in which regulates liquid intake with suctioning of liquid by your baby. The spout closes once suctioning ceases. Which prevents spills.

We highly recommend this trainer cup for babies who are fussy eaters. It will enable them to drink from whichever position and the pressure sensitive spout will also avoid unnecessary waste.


  • Pressure sensitive spout
  • Weighted 360 straw
  • Sturdy handles
  • Soft silicone spout 


  • May be too hard to suck for infants

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Although some babies may reject the bottle. Going straight ahead for the sippy cup might just do the trick. The most important features to consider is the spout material, handle design and capacity of the cup.

We strongly recommend the MAM starter cup as the best sippy cup for baby who refuses bottle as it has an extra soft sippy spout, its spill proof with an easy to handle grip.

Sometimes it might require you to take several days for your little one to get a handle of their sippy cup. Just don’t give up on your first try, you got this handled.

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