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Best Mattress for Baby Trend Pack n Play [2021]

If you have been tirelessly looking for the best mattress for baby trend pack n play then you are in luck today. We both know that the thin mattress pad the pack n play comes with is not comfortable for your baby. That is why a thicker mattress is a must have for your baby to enjoy their sleep.

And it does not have to be hard looking for one suitable for you. The most important features to look out for are the size, material of the mattress and portability of the mattress.

We have made your search even easier by reviewing tried and tested mattresses that will not only fit your baby trend pack n play perfectly, but are breathable and that meet all the safety standards required for infant and toddler mattresses.

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Review of Best Mattress for Baby Trend Pack n Play

Dream on Me Baby Trend Nursery Centre Mattress


This particular Dream on Me mattress was specifically designed to fit the baby trend pack n plays perfectly. It measures 37.5* 25* 3 inches ( L*W*H) foam mattress with square corner which ensures it leaves no gaps that your baby might get their foot stuck in.

Best of all, it is a two sided mattress with a firm side for infants and a softer side for toddlers. The infant side is made of a breathable material to promote air flow and the toddler side has a waterproof cover with binding and it resists stains and liquids.

We strongly recommend this mattress for mamas looking for a more comfortable mattress for their little ones. It is a worthy investment for quality sleep and avoiding a fussy baby. Nonetheless, if you get one and it fails to fit the bill for your situation you’re free to return it within 30 days.

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Elite Dual Sided Pack n Play Mattress


If you prefer having a removable mattress cover then what you should get is this Milliard Elite Dual Sided mattress for your baby trend. It is a zip all round waterproof washable mattress cover to prevent liquids from soaking into the mattress. It is advisable to wash it in cold water and mild detergent and air dry before using it. 

Importantly, it also has two sides, the firm side for infants to prevent suffocation and a softer side for toddlers. Meaning it will grow with your baby to serve you into toddler years.

Highly consider this Milliard mattress if you are looking for a mattress with a washable cover. It is super comfortable at 3” thick and comes at a truly inexpensive price for the value you get.

Fitted Foldable Foam Pack n Play Mattress


For mamas looking for a more portable mattress for the baby trend then this tri fold fitted foam mattress is what you should go for. It is however not recommended for infants as it’s very soft and could pose a suffocation risk. Rather consider it for kids older than 12 months to toddler years.

It comes with a bag for storage and travelling however most say it looks flimsy and the zipper a little weak so handle with care. Other than a better quality carry bag for storage it is a comfortable mattress for kids who hate sleeping on hard surfaces when they travel.

It’s also good to know that it will fit perfectly on your baby trend 38*26*3 inches and the cover is removable for cleaning. Consider it if you are looking for a portable mattress for your baby trend that is comfortable, lightweight and easy to fold and carry along on your adventures.

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The thin mattress pad which pack n plays in are not comfortable. You will need a mattress to give your baby more comfort to experience quality sleep to get them waking up energized and well slept. The most important features to look out for when shopping is the size and material used to make the mattress.

We strongly recommend the Dream on me baby trend nursery mattress as the best mattress for baby trend pack n play as it is specifically designed to fit it perfectly. It is dual sided, a soft side for toddlers and a firm side for infants to prevent suffocation incidents.

You simply cannot go wrong with this one; fairly priced, comfortable and will serve you from infant to toddler years. All you could ask for really.

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