are overnight diapers worth it
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Are Overnight Diapers Worth It?

are overnight diapers worth it

If you always find your baby super wet in the morning. Or worse discover their diaper leaked through their pajamas, sleep sack and baby mattress. You start looking for diapers which they can use overnight without having to wake up for diaper changes.

After some searching you learn that overnight diapers are more expensive as compared to regular diapers. So the question is, are overnight diapers really worth it?

Well, for many parents overnight diapers are totally worth it because they will ensure your baby sleeps comfortably through the night, prevent diaper leaks and eliminate the need to wake up in the middle of the night for diaper changes.

Read on to know more about overnight diapers and whether they will be the solution for your diaper leaks.

Are overnight diapers necessary?

Let’s be honest parents, diaper changes in the middle of the night are no fun. What’s more some babies fail to go back to go right back to sleep once you wake them up for a change.

In addition, staying wet for longer only exposes your baby to getting awful diaper rashes. And if you choose to use regular diapers you end up using two diapers instead of one 12 hour overnight diaper.

You could have heard of the tip that if your baby diapers start leaking overnight, you should consider going up one size. 

But this will mean the fitting of the diaper on the thighs or waist will not be as snug depending on the diaper brand. And if your baby is a side sleeper you need overnight diapers because leaks are inevitable. You will have to try several brands to get one which would fit. 

Which is costly and frankly frustrating for any parent. So what can an overnight diaper mean for you and your baby?

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Advantages of overnight diapers


Babies need quality sleep so that they can grow. A quality overnight diaper diaper that is absorbent that will keep the baby dry all night. Otherwise you will have to wake them up for a change only disturbing them.

Avoid mom guilt

You find your baby super wet and you feel so bad they had to go through a cold night with the wetness. Most parents are sleep deprived in the first few months of bringing their baby home. It is only understandable but investing in an overnight diaper will solve all that.

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Cost factor

If  your baby pees a whole lot at night and you have to make several diaper changes in the night it only means you will go through more diapers in a shorter time. Which means more money, yet you can easily save costs by using one super absorbent diaper for a solid 12 hour dry protection. 


This will happen a whole lot if your baby is a heavy wetter it means they will be leaking through their diapers. An overnight diaper has a more absorbent core to soak in more liquid compared to regular diapers.

Minimal laundry

An overnight diaper will prevent leaks and save you from changing baby bedding every single day. Because if your baby leaks through every day, this only means you have to do laundry more frequently.

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Features of overnight diapers


Most overnight diapers have 25% more absorbency compared to regular diapers. This is because of additional layers to soak in more liquid.

Leak guard

Some overnight diapers such as Luvs have triple leak guards and can accommodate 20 times their weight. Although they are not marketed as overnight diapers, they are fairly cheaper than the common overnight brands and they are effective.


They are more expensive compared to regular diapers.  However, you can snug inexpensive ones such as these Luvs Ultra Leak guards Overnight Baby diapers


 Overnight diapers have a pajama like softness and a dry touch liner that absorbs wetness immediately to keep your baby dry all night. 


You do not have to worry about the materials used to make overnight diapers more absorbent. They are free of chlorine and fragrances which are the main causes of allergic reactions on baby skin. and are free of fragrances.

Night time diapers vs regular diapers 


Nighttime diapers are more absorbent as  compared to regular diapers.


Night time diapers are more expensive compared to regular diapers because of the extra absorbency and layers included in the diaper.


Overnight diapers have a dry feel layer with pajama like softness to keep baby dry

Wetness indicator

Both have wetness indicators

Important FAQs about Are Overnight Diapers Worth It in 2020

When can you start using overnight diapers?

Now that we have established the benefits of overnight diapers, most parents begin using them once your baby starts eating solids and taking water at 6 months.

However, this depends on individual babies because some pee a whole lot right from when they are children. 

So you can start using overnight diapers when you find the need for them. Such as when you find regular diapers leak through the night.

How long can a baby stay in a wet diaper?

Most diapers have wetness indicators which change into a different color once your baby needs a change. 

However, babies also nurse every 2-3 hours for the first 6 months before they start taking solids. You can take advantage of the feeding time to check whether your baby needs a change.

How do you keep baby dry overnight?

There are tips and tricks you can use to ensure your baby stays dry all night.

  • Change diapers right before bed. If you have a routine up, changing your baby’s diaper before they go to bed helps.
  • Limit liquid intake at night. For toddlers make sure they take their night time bottle of milk earlier.
  • Take leaks before bed for potty trained toddlers.
  • Wake up your baby at set times in the night for toddlers who are potty training. 
  • Consider going a size up for night time diapers. This will ensure the diaper swells

Why does my baby’s diaper leak at night?

There could be reasons why your baby’s diaper keeps leaking at night, they include:

  • They could have outgrown the size and you need to go a size up.
  • Current diapers are not snugly fitting and you need to change brands to get the right fit for your baby.

How do you keep baby’s diaper from leaking at night?

  • Get overnight diapers which are more absorbent
  • Consider getting booster pads to add on an additional layer to soak in more liquid.
  • Try as many brands as you can until you get one which is snugly fitting for your baby.
  • You can try cloth diapering and double on the inserts you use to add absorbent layers of fabric.


Most parents want to save money and overnight diapers are expensive compared to regular diapers. If you find that your baby diaper leaks through the night more often than you can count, considering overnight diapers is a worthwhile investment. Your baby gets to have a quality dry night sleep.



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