diapers or pads after delivery
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Diapers or Pads after Delivery: Which is Better?

diapers or pads after delivery

After childbirth, you will bleed heavily whether you had a C-section or vaginal birth delivery. And this is not the normal menstrual bleeding you experience everyday. It is heavier and comes with big blood clots, which calls for a better sanitary towel to handle postpartum bleeding.

So, which one should you choose: diapers or pads after delivery? Well, during the first 3-5 days when you experience heavy bleeding an adult diaper for postpartum would be the best option because they are more absorbent and then once the bleeding reduces you can use regular pads.

At the end of the day it comes down to preference and comfort you are looking for. If you opt for pads it means you need to change more regularly to avoid leaks. Otherwise an adult diaper is more absorbent and comfortable just like wearing normal underwear.

Can you use normal pads after giving birth?

You actually could if you want to however there is a higher possibility of leaking especially during the first week or so. This is because the bleeding is heavier and accompanied by blood clots some the size of a palm.

That is why you are advised to use a super absorbent pad, hospital grade pad or an adult diaper. Furthermore, using normal pads could mean you have to change your pads more frequently and go through more pads as compared to getting an adult diaper or a super absorbent overnight pad.

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What pads to use after giving birth?

If you opt to go for regular pads, then you need more absorbent pads because the bleeding is heavier after delivery. So, what kind of pads should you get so that you avoid leakage and be comfortable at the same time? Consider the following features when shopping for the best pads for after birth bleeding.

Super absorbent

Postpartum bleeding calls for a super absorbent pad or an overnight pad which holds more liquid. It surprises many first time mothers how heavy the bleeding is after delivery as compared to normal days. It will give you more time to rest rather than frequently going to the bathroom for a change. 

Maternity pads with wings. 

The wings will help keep the pad securely in place to your underwear to avoid any movements that may lead to leaks. If you do not prefer pads with wings, consider those with super adhesive so that they stick firmly on your underwear. 

Extra long

You should consider pads that will provide full coverage from front to back so that there is enough room for the pad to soak in and prevent any leaks. It will also give enough room for overnight protection depending whether you are a stomach or side sleeper. 


If you are a fan of scented pads, then by all means get those but as caution it’s better for you to consider using a scentless one. You do not need to add extra fragrances to the blood and clots which come out postpartum.  

What kind of adult diaper to use after giving birth? 

You do not have to be ashamed to use a diaper after delivery because brands such as Always have adult diapers specifically made to serve moms during postpartum. 

All the heavy postpartum bleeding can be handled by an adult diaper very well without the hassle of looking for a pad to meet all the above needs. Let’s take a look at why adult diapers work best for postpartum bleeding.

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Adult diapers have super absorbent cores with rapid lock technology which ensures quick absorbing to keep you dry and avoid any unnecessary wetness. This way you keep the area dry for quick healing from the soreness of childbirth.


Diapers come in very practical and cute feminine designs made to look like normal underwear. These fit discreetly under your clothes and are made of super soft fabric. What’s more, they come in delicate soft prints in colors purple and peach.


If you had a C-section you do not have to worry about the diaper affecting your wound. The waistband of adult diapers are is  and follow the shape of your body curves to fit your postpartum body perfectly.


You do not have to worry about the diaper showing through your slacks or pajamas because they have 360 degrees elastic pulls which make it pull closer to the body for a hugging fit.

Leak proof. 

Most adult diapers have double leak guards all round to ensure you experience zero leaks on the edges. You can toss and turn all you want at night without worrying about leaks and blood stains on your clothes or bedding.

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FAQ on Diapers or Pads after delivery

How long do you bleed after having a baby?

You should expect heavy bleeding after childbirth in the first 10 days after childbirth and normal bleeding on wards until 6 weeks. For the first few days consider using the hospital pads if you were provided with some or an adult diaper to handle the heavy bleeding and use regular pads afterwards.

Postpartum blood is bright red and is sometimes accompanied with big blood clots the size of a plum in the first few days that is why you need a pad which is hospital grade or an adult diaper. You might experience a gush of blood when you stand after some hours of lying down which is perfectly normal.

However, you should carefully note how much you bleed after childbirth or a C-section because severe bleeding is very dangerous. If you are filling a pad in less than an hour and are feeling dizzy you should consider calling your doctor.

How long do you need to wear pads after delivery?

You have to prepare for postpartum bleeding and stock up well. This is because you will bleed for about 6 weeks until your next first scheduled vaccination for your baby.

And as we have discussed you will need to use hospital grade pads for the first week or so and use regular pads for the rest of the weeks.

The bleeding should reduce as you progress , however do not hesitate to call your doctor if you notice that you are over bleeding and getting dizzy.

How many packs of maternity pads should you buy?

Because you will need to be changing your diaper every 4-6 hours in the first days after delivery and for the remaining 6 weeks consider getting 3 packs of pads. In a day you will be using approximately 4-6 pads.


Whether you have personal reservations about using diapers or pads after delivery. The reality is bleeding after childbirth is heavy during the first 3-7 days and a mom will need a super absorbent sanitary towel during that period. 

This is why hospitals provide mothers with hospital grade pads, disposable underwear or adult diapers which are absorbent enough to soak in the bleeding.

As a recommendation, going for an adult diaper will serve you better. They are more comfortable, form fitting and fit well under clothes. In addition, they are super absorbent and available in feminine designs plus feel like you are wearing normal underwear.



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