what to wear to bed while breastfeeding
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What to Wear to Bed While Breastfeeding?

what to wear to bed while breastfeeding

Babies need to feed every 2-3 hours when they are newborns and it is a challenge for new moms deciding what to wear to bed while they are nursing.

What you need is comfortable clothing with easy access to the boob for nursing.

The best options to wear include nursing gowns, nursing pajamas, nursing tank tops and nursing nightgowns. These are specifically designed to give quick access to nurse a crying baby.

What to wear to bed while breastfeeding

In most cases, what to wear on top is the problem for most nursing mamas because they do not want to leak onto the sheets or need a night cloth with easy access for nursing.

You should avoid tight clothing or bras while breastfeeding because can block easy flow of milk and lead to blocked milk ducts. Instead wear breathable fabric for comfort and easy flowing clothes to accommodate the body changes after childbirth.

Nursing nightgowns 

There are cute and comfortable nightgowns like this one here  made of soft and breathable fabric like cotton. If you must put on a breast pad you can use a bustier to hold it in place or a braless nursing pad made of silicone which sticks to your skin.

They are also best suit for C-section moms unlike pajama trousers which can be tight on the waist. There are several designs available those with straps and clasps to access the boob and those with stretchy necklines.

Nursing tank tops or camis

Nursing tank top with a built in bra. You can wear nursing tank tops to bed while breastfeeding with shelf bras to hold your breast pad and soak in leaking milk. If you choose to go without a breast pad you end up leaking terribly all over your sheets.

These are a good alternative to wearing pajamas with nursing bras. They provide much needed support and hold in breast pads to prevent leaks at night. They are also stretchy and feel comfortable on the skin.

Nursing tank tops without built in bra You do not have to worry there are solutions for both the mother who does not prefer wearing bras at night and for those with large breasts who need support.

Nursing tank tops without the shelf bras will allow easy access to the boob to a hungry baby. And if you leak heavily at night, there are silicone braless nursing pads you can stick to your skin which apply pressure and prevent leaks.

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Nursing pajamas

Wearing your regular pajamas will not work well for nursing at night. Thankfully, there nursing pajamas of different designs that make breastfeeding easy. They have a similar design to the nursing tank tops.

Some have openings to give access to the nipples. Others have a secret flap to allow access to the boob on the side. You can also go for the clasp design that can fasten an unfasten similar to  bra. because they are not able to hold them in place. 

For the winter you can get long sleeved nursing pajamas and nursing pajama shorts set for cooler months. 

Should you wear a nursing bra to bed when breastfeeding? 

Wearing a nursing bra to bed comes down to personal preference. Some mothers can not stand wearing nursing bras with breast pads for 24 hours especially if you live in a hot area such as Texas.

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How can you prevent leaking breast milk at night?

If you are a nursing mama, you must have at least once leaked through your nighties. Which is understandable but for the heavy leaking mamas, who leak more, it becomes a problem.

Tips and tricks to prevent leaks at night.

  • Consider waking up at certain times to pump your milk and store for your baby to drink when they need to feed next.
  • Wear nursing tank tops with shelf bras which can hold your nursing pads securely in place.
  • Sleep with a towel underneath if you prefer leaving your girls free at night for a breather.
  • Consider getting a waterproof fitted sheet cover for your mattress to protect your mattress.

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It is every breastfeeding mother’s wish to sleep in comfortable clothes with easy access to boobs for breastfeeding. For mamas who do not leak at night or who do not need a lot of support they can wear oversize shirts or  nursing pajamas.

For mamas who had a c section, nursing night gowns which are free flowing are best fit.  If you need support, go for nursing tank tops with shelf bras and use a maternity pad to soak any leaks. For moms who had a C-section, free flowing dresses will be suitable to avoid any waist tight clothing. 


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